tis the season by Barbara Larson

The ubiquitous Spring Makeover has arrived in Santa Barbara. Despite serial seasons of drought, leaving us dried-out, dusty and dull, Spring is delivering big. Look around… take a couple breaths… listen… you can’t help but notice that things are happening. An abundance, a profusion, a cacophony, of nature is energetically unraveling winter, unrolling riotous green over everything unpaved, flooding fields with yelling yellows, pouring out pools of purple. Everything is chirping, or humming, or croaking, or buzzing. Forget subtle, this is a stop-you-dead-in-your-tracks full frontal assault of gorgeousness. LIFE. Now that’s authentic creativity. Just how do we get all this from dirt and water? I’m completely captivated and in love, I’m humbled, awed, delighted and swept up in it. Spring is inspiring. Time to make art.